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What are we, who are we?

The Feast of Fools story club meets each month except August. We generally alternate professional guest nights, when we showcase great professional storytellers, with Open Mic Nights.

If you wish to perform, please contact Richard (see below). We can't always guarantee a place, but assuming you're chosen, you get a slot of up to 10 minutes, less if you prefer, and an audience who are very inclined to be warm and supportive. The story, or music, can be traditional, your own treatment of traditional, or something of your own devising.

But no microphone - there never is!

And the other "no" is: no script. We're an oral storytelling club, not a reading group, excellent as these are.

A note about Audience Etiquette

Stories here, as with storytelling gatherings in general, are usually either traditional or devised by the performer. Everyone puts their own slant on the material, of course, that's much of the point! The only way the traditional stories stay alive is by retelling, that's their whole point, too.

It's important to remember, however, that the way they're presented is very much the creation of the performer. It is the sincerest form of flattery to want to reproduce someone's story, but please remember always to ask them about this first, and if you do pass it on, with their permission, always acknowledge them as your source. Most storytellers are generous people who are happy to share, but it's important to respect this tradition, just as is best practice with traditional musicians.

If it's somebody's own story, however, either one they've invented or autobiographical, the rules are different: it's very much their material. Again, they may well be pleased for the story to be passed on, but it's really important to check with them first.

Be prepared for a great mix on these nights! Sometimes they're themed, sometimes open choice by performers.

A central aim of the club is to encourage developing and new storytellers, providing a platform, as well as showing great examples of the art. We have resident tellers, who regularly give us stories, and a great and growing company of friendly regulars, for some of whom it's the day job too.

We've welcomed both very new tellers and very experienced ones, and on one memorable night, a line of professionals you'd have to pay significant ticket money to see at a festival.

We also feature occasional music spots as part of these evenings.

To contact us, please email Richard York using
richard's email as an image: richardATxyztaletellerDOTcoDOTuk, please first remove the xyz bit put there to confuse spam trawlers!