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Next up, April 4th 2018

The Feast of Fools celebrates our 3rd Birthday!

Unbelievably, it really is three years since, on April 1st, 2015, we assembled for our first ever session. Thanks to hard work by a growing number of people behind the scenes, and to the superb audiences who keep coming, and also growing, we now have a storytelling club which is making a name for itself on the circuit, and more important, a superb community of tellers and listeners, of which we are all very proud.

So come to Delapre's Billiards Room, via the cafe entrance, and help us celebrate! We still have to pay the rent, but we've knocked a pound off the ticket prices as a small birthday present to everyone. This leaves you a little more with which to buy cake!

At the time of writing a number of storytelling slots are already booked for that evening, but there's still scope for more. Please contact me if you're interested in performing that night.
The theme of the evening is mainly Fools, Foolishness, and those accounted as Fools. It'd be foolish to miss it!

The New Home

Delapre Abbey is the lovely place so many Northamptonians tend to forget about, tucked away off the London Road in Delapre Park.
From February 2018, we're meeting mainly in the Billiards Room or the Dining Room in the main building. (Follow signs to "Cafe" and you'll get there!)
The whole setting is a gorgeous place, and it belongs to our town, so it's great to be there now, as it's recently had a mighty refurbishment. Details are at and on their Facebook page

Details of how to locate it are on our map page
Once you're at the car park, follow the new path to the right, through the gate, leading across the front of the building, and you should see signs to the Cafe. It does get a bit dark round the corner of the building!
There's also a bus stop at the end of the drive. It's nearly 1/4 mile from the road, if you're walking. ..It's still 1/4 mile if you're not....

Whether you're teller or audience, you might like to read the note on this link on storytelling etiquette.